Saturday, 5 May 2018

Awards Presentation

Today is Trafford FC's awards presentation, and whilst I personally am gutted that I can't be there (playoff final would have been a different matter), I am sure it is going to be a great celebration.

If I was there, I have no doubt the event would go ever so slightly smoother and more fun would be had; at the cost of annoying all the players. I just want to say though how proud I am of the whole team and management and all those involved in the club. Tom and the boys have just fell short but baring in mind the boys didn't fancy winning any games until October they have been superb. I think I can speak for most of the supporters in saying 'f'in well done'. It is no coincidence that the vocal support has been amazing this year... a huge factor in that has been down to Tom and the team... just imagine the scenes if we actually do get promoted!

So enjoy today and let's go again next season. #ALLEZALLEZALLEZ


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