Friday, 19 June 2015

New signings

When your team makes a pre-season signing, it creates a buzz. So imagine how we feel after the club announced six (6) new signings today!

It had been a quiet few weeks and although I'd heard some strong rumours recently, nothing had been confirmed. However, this morning it was announced that we'd signed Ben Deegan and Mark Haslam from Ashton United, Danny Lambert and Danny Lafferty (Radcliffe), Scott Sephton (Congleton) and Matty Kay from FC Utd!

Good luck to all the new lads and obviously those that will remain from last season... I don't want to expect too much but I think it could be a really exciting year!


Andy Glinka

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Welcome Tom Baker

Yesterday, Trafford FC announced Tom Baker as our new manager.

On behalf of all our supporters, I would  like to welcome Tom to the club and we wish him all the best. Personally, I'm delighted that the club have gone with a young, up and coming coach and hopefully he will bring some enthusiasm and freshness to the team.

Roll on next season... I can't wait!

Andy Glinka

Friday, 10 April 2015

POTM - March

Now a bit of positive news...

... For someone who can't kick and is a fat bastard (according to all other teams supporters), he ain't half bad.

He's been cracking all season but especially the last couple of months.

So whilst there are commiserations all round on being relegated, we'd still like to acknowledge TOM READ as the supporters POTM for March. Well done Reado!


First of all let's do the bad/sad news...
We are down!!!!!
I've spent most of this week trying not to think about football, never mind write about it. The truth is we've been expecting the inevitable for a while and the greater truth is we just haven't been good enough, under both the managers we've had this season.
It's been a hard season with so much turmoil. Too many draws and a lot of bad luck. Red cards, conceding late goals, bad refs... Blah, blah, blah!

The season has definitely been one of two halves, both with similar results... Not enough points! It's easy to blame Graham, especially as we still haven't won a game but results haven't really changed since he took over, just the personnel.
Whilst I still believe that GV deserved until the end of season, especially after such a great season the year before, I think it would've been tough to stay up even if he did stay, considering our position at the time.
With the decision taken, Graham's already tough job was made nigh on impossible when nearly all the 1st team moved on within the first few games.

Since then the football has been scrappy, we have looked like a mish-mash of a team. The fight has been there but not enough quality to finish games off. I just hope the players keep fighting and play with a bit more freedom now the pressures of staying up are now a moo-point. I think us fans deserve something to smile about.

Bring on next season and hopefully some wins!!!!

Andy Glinka

Monday, 9 March 2015

POTM Picture

As previously announced, Adam Jones won the supporters POTM award for January/Febraury.
On Saturday, Adam received his award before the game against Curzon (where our luck continued in the same vain as other recent games... just a shame it's all been bad!)

Anyway, congrats again Adam and good luck against Buxton and Stamford this week... we're right behind you!

Melody of the supporters' club giving adam Jones his award and bottle of fizz.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Player of the Month -Jan/Feb

What with all the changes since new year, the supporters decided February's POTM would also cover January.

It's been a tough start to Graham's tenure, what with games being cancelled left, right and centre and players comings and goings, but 6 games in and only 2 defeats is a positive. The flipside to that is we are waiting for that first elusive win... But my, have we been close? On another day, I could be writing this saying we've won 3 of the 6 games!

Amongst these games, there have been some decent performances. However, with exception of the Stourbridge game, we have not yet put out a top performance for the full 90 minutes. If we do, then the win WILL come...

Anyway, enough waffling... player of the month? A unanimous choice from the supporters... ADAM 'SCISSORS KICK' JONES. Well done Adam and all the best to the lads for Saturday.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Next Meeting

The next supporters meeting is this Thursday 5th March, 7.30 pm at Flixton Village pub (Thai place next to the Church Inn)

Hopefully see you there